Conditions Club de Amigos Cala Romani



The purpose of this document is to set out the LEGAL MEMBERSHIP TERMS for the Club de Amigos Cala Romaní programme, which offers members the chance to obtain better promotions and benefits when using lodging services and other services offered by BALESTE, S.A., the owner and operator of Cala Romaní Hotel.

Membership implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the Terms and Conditions listed below, although, since membership is free for the client, he/she acknowledges that the perks included for Club de Amigos members are subject to availability and susceptible to modification on behalf of Hotel Management, as are these legal terms, without the implication of rights acquired by the client in any case, such that BALESTE, S.A. may, at any moment and for the reasons set out, cancel the Club de Amigos programme and/or substitute it, where applicable, for other commercial promotion policies. In this event, BALESTE, S.A.
With regard to perks offered by stores and business outside the hotel, BALESTE, S.A. shall publish any changes in conditions on their website along with the date in which these changes would go into effect. Regarding services and conditions offered by the hotel, the conditions in effect (especially discounts) at the time of making the reservation shall apply, though always being subject to availability (for services to be provided by the hotel or the type of room to be used as lodging).
The change shall go into effect immediately following the notification, but shall not affect commercial reservation discounts that have already been formalised.

Club de Amigos Cala Romaní membership expires THREE years after the last stay in the establishment, or in the case of unlawful conduct, inappropriate conduct or default on payments.

Members of the Club de Amigos Cala Romaní may not distribute better terms in exchange for payment. Failure to abide by this rule shall result in automatic loss of Club membership. Members of the Club de Amigos Cala Romaní may distribute better terms for free to individuals staying in the Cala Romaní Hotel at the same time as the member. In the case of death of a Club de Amigos Cala Romaní member, the programme benefits are transferable to another individual who shares the same home address as long as notice is made sufficiently ahead of time so the information in BALESTE, S.A. systems can be changed.

In the case of dispute regarding the interpretation and application of these Legal Terms, the parties, waiving any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled, hereby expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Palma de Majorca.

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